Feeling Sluggish? CBD Oil Could Help Boost Energy Levels


It seems like, as people, we are always seeking to do more, fit more in, and be more productive every single day. However, there is a simple fact here, too—all of us only have so much energy and there are only so many hours in the day. There is good news, though, from the CBD world.  And that is adding CBD oil to your wellness routine could help you boost your energy levels as well as your focus. 

A Perfect Trifecta? CBD, Focus, and Energy

So many factors in our daily lives affect our ability to be our best, including lack of sleep, diet deficiencies, chronic conditions, and stress. However, some recent research from Current Neurophamacology shows that CBD offers the potential of promoting wakefulness while also reducing the feelings of tiredness. Both points rest on the belief that CBD can assist in promoting improved sleep and enhanced relaxation, meaning you are more likely to wake up feeling alert, refreshed, and energetic to start your day. 

CBD for Energy: The Health Benefits 

Derived from hemp plants, CBD—or cannabidiol—has increased in popularity in recent years because it shows potential in helping to alleviate many common complaints, including anxiety, stress, depression, inflammation, and pain, as well as others.  All of these conditions bring with them the ability to sap our bodies of energy and focus.  While there is a common misconception that CBD can also make you drowsy, this in fact is not true as it is the psychoactive cannabinoid THC that causes this.  Cannabidiol does not contain THC, so therefore does not pose the risk of making you drowsy. 

Now, jumping off our previous point in the article regarding CBD helping improve sleep; the reason this is the case is because cannabidiol actually could help you improve your sleep-wake cycle, a naturally occurring biological function that can be thrown out of whack by our demanding lives and all we are responsible for.  When the sleep-wake cycle is able to work the way nature intended, that means you will sleep more soundly at night and feel more alert, focused, and refreshed when you are awake…and it is here that CBD could potentially help you.

CBD Could Help Manage Cortisol Levels

When you are stressed out, indeed you feel a rush—that’s your body’s adrenaline, a hormone, doing its job. This is why you feel your heart rate increase and blood pressure rise. However, that’s not the only hormone that surges—the other is cortisol. 

You are likely familiar with the “fight or flight” response; this is the response that kept our ancestors alive when they ran into a wolf in the forest or when confronted with some other mortal danger.  Of course, this is a good response to have if faced with a deadly situation, but it’s not great to have consistently high cortisol levels—and that’s where CBD could be of further assistance when managing energy levels. 

Consistent stress and high cortisol levels have been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia. And it is unfortunate in our pill-popping world that the first thought that many people, as well as medical professionals, have is to take a sedative or prescription drug that promotes sleep.  Instead, consider the benefits of CBD as we previously noted on the sleep-wake cycle as well as CBD’s ability to balance hormones and their receptors in the brain. What’s more is that since CBD is a natural product, you are not potentially causing other health problems associated with taking a pill. CBD offers a safe and healthy approach to feeling more balanced and energetic during the day and sleeping more soundly at night. 

Of course, we encourage you to speak with a medical professional if you are considering adding CBD to your daily routine, especially if you are currently on prescription drugs for other health conditions. Additionally, do your research to ensure you are buying a high-quality, organic product that has gone through third-party lab testing.  

Here at Asé Pure Naturals, we believe in the power of our CBD oil products and are eager to help you learn about all of the potential benefits they could have on your life. We invite you to explore our website and with any questions, please reach out to a member of our staff.  We are happy to assist you.

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