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Asé Pure Naturals, founded by wellness expert and ultrarunner Heather Jacoby, was established in 2020 and is a woman-owned CBD product brand. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and serving customers around the country, the company only uses raw CBD material grown from custom, proprietary strains found at organic CBD farms. Their CBD is extracted using the safest and most eco-friendly methods in the industry, which also eliminates unwanted chemicals and residual solvents, and delivers CBD oil that has all of the essential cannabinoids and terpenes that consumers seek. The company’s products are manufactured in their Colorado-based facility and face stringent third-party testing to ensure organic and pure quality.

Asé Pure Naturals Premium CBD Products


We’ve forged a close relationship with an organically grown farm. These U.S. farmers grow custom, proprietary strains from which all of their products are derived and handcrafted in sunny Colorado to the most exacting standards. We are able to ensure the purest and safest hemp-derived CBD products, free of pesticides, fungicides, or other harsh chemicals and contaminants. All of our ingredients are sourced with No Compromises, sustainability, and a premium product in mind.


The CO2 Hemp Extraction process is regarded as the safest and most environmentally friendly method available today. CO2 Extraction involves the application of cold temperatures and pressure to extract CBD from the hemp plant material. The result yields CBD oil stocked with all the essential cannabinoids and terpenes while eliminating unwanted chemicals and residual solvents. By using CO2 Extraction, we’re creating a high-quality CBD oil that is safe, clean, and nutrient rich.


To guarantee consistency, potency, and other key metrics, our products are batch tested in third-party testing labs. These quality control measures ensure that our CBD Tinctures meet stringent specifications and result in a premium extract with consistent cannabinoid content, free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, molds, residual solvents, and mycotoxins. We want to provide our customers with the best possible hemp-derived CBD products. By engaging in such exacting standards,.

Asé Pure Naturals, a Woman-Owned Organic CBD Company,
Places Emphasizes Cannabis Education, Consistency, and Product Taste

Organic CBD woman-owned business, Asé Pure Naturals, is being heralded as a CBD market leader in the United States for their commitment to education and breaking the stigma that surrounds cannabis. 

With a healthy CBD inventory that includes full-spectrum and broad-spectrum topicals, tinctures, and softgel capsules, Asé Pure Naturals, a woman-owned brand founded by Health and Wellness Guru, as well as Cannabis Educator, Heather Jacoby, is making a disruptive and exciting entrance into the CBD industry. Hailed as a promising and organic CBD brand that features products that are safe, organic, and nutrient rich, Asé Pure Naturals, through Ms. Jacoby’s thought leadership, is making headway into breaking the negative stigma associated with cannabis and hemp-derived products and is set to deliver upon its mission to provide education to anyone who is intrigued by great tasting CBD that is socially responsible, organic, and leading edge in quality and consistency. 

“CBD or cannabidiol one of hundreds of compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant—and what I want to stress is that these products are amazing and contribute to a person’s overall health, wellness, and quality of life,” Ms. Jacoby explains. “There is so much to be learned about the study of CBD—and I am so committed to ensuring the public moves away from the negative stereotypes and stigma that have been engrained in our culture over the past several decades as it relates to cannabis usage. All of those dated talking points simply are not true! CBD can manage and mitigate anxiety, insomnia, as well as depression. CBD can also promote bodily homeostasis—or a sense of perfect balance.  However, in order to gain this optimum benefit, it is key for consumers to dispel any misinformation they may be harboring, and also only use a high-quality product that is pure and free from contamination.”

And ultimately, this is where Asé Pure Naturals excels. 

All of the company’s products are consistently made from the purest of raw hemp sourced from organic farms based in the United States and grown from custom, proprietary strains. As a result, the source material is completely free from contaminants and pesticides and extracted using one of the safest and most eco-friendly methods available within the industry. The outcome is a high-quality yield of CBD oil that is stocked with all of the essential cannabinoids and terpenes and containing no unwanted chemicals, such as fungicides and pesticides, or residual solvents. 

“I literally flew to Colorado and tested the soil myself. I wanted to ensure the products produced by my company were perfect and pure—and that when consumers decided to buy from us, they can feel confident they are dealing with a brand that is trustworthy—especially since CBD products are not yet regulated by the FDA.”

Ms. Jacoby also highlights the fact that she worked one-on-one with a chemist who specializes in CBD to create the flavor profile—even going so far as to source an organic Monk Fruit. A feat Ms. Jacoby said, “Wasn’t easy.”

“Look, if something tastes bad or isn’t appealing, people aren’t going to be happy,” said Ms. Jacoby. “I worked for about four months just to develop this flavor profile—and I personally think it is absolutely delicious. But don’t take my word for it. My customers can back me up.”

Indeed, one of the company’s first patrons, Amanda Clark of Lake Wylie, South Carolina, offers her review of the full-spectrum CBD oil she received from Asé Pure Naturals.  “I have tried a lot of different CBD products—I use them to manage anxiety and also help prevent insomnia in a natural and organic way—and I can tell you, of the dozens of brands I have tried, the CBD by Asé is the best. Plus, I love the way it tastes. It is refreshing and flavorful; it doesn’t leave an after taste like some other products. I use it daily, and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my mood and my level of calm. I also appreciate that the company places such a huge focus on quality.”

Which leads to a discussion about the company’s manufacturing process.  After extraction, the oil is then converted into topicals, tinctures, and softgel capsules at the company’s CGMP-certified Colorado-based manufacturing facility under the highest quality standards.  Finally, all of the company’s CBD products go through robust third-party testing to validate the fact that they are clean, safe, and organic.

“When I founded Asé Pure Naturals, it was important to me that we create a premium product made of ingredients that are sourced without compromise. Additionally, there is a personal story here as well,” said Ms. Jacoby. “My daughter suffered a terrible equestrian accident and her neurologist suggested that CBD might aid in her recovery—and it did. However, because I had a deep personal connection with plants and their ability to heal prior to this situation, I began doing my own research and realized that I might be able to create something better, something purer. Additionally, I knew it was imperative that anything that I put my name on must come from sustainable farming practices that help protect the earth. After all, if we want to help people realize health and wellness, then we should also help our planet realize that too.”

And that vision is exactly what Ms. Jacoby and the team at Asé Pure Naturals has ultimately brought to life. 

Today, the company is being hailed by industry thought leaders as one of the most promising organic CBD brands available. The company ensures customers that their products contain everything they should and nothing they should not. Consumers are invited to learn more about Asé Pure Naturals’ line of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD topicals, tinctures, and softgel capsules by visiting the company online at

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