Enhancing Your Full Moon Meditation Practice with CBD


For generations, human beings have recognized the unique power of the moon. Across countless spiritual and astrological systems, people have pointed to the lunar cycle as uniquely tied to healing and inward change.

One of the ways in which we can harness these unique lunar properties is through full moon meditation. The full moon meditation is exactly what its name suggests: Guided meditations that are held on days with a full moon, when those lunar powers are most heightened. Full moon meditations capture a deep connection between nature, body, and mind, and have been linked with some powerful healing benefits.

These benefits can often be heightened through the inclusion of CBD. The question is how.


Exploring the Benefits of Full Moon Meditation

Before we circle back to CBD, it may be helpful to dig a little deeper into how full moon meditations work.


To start with, why do so many of us recognize the unique connection between humanity and the moon? Spiritualists and astrologers have posited different explanations over the years, but many of them pertain to the fact that the moon is closer to the earth than any other celestial body, including the sun; as such, the strength of the moon’s energy frequency and gravitational pull are quite acute.

Specifically, consider the moon’s incredible effects on the tide. Now, consider that the human body is 75 percent water. Many proponents of moon-based spiritualism argue that the moon’s gravitational force can impact our bodies in just the same way that it impacts the oceans.

Incidentally, these beliefs are by no means restricted to the fringe, or to those who actively participate in astrological practices. Surveys have shown that close to half of all U.S. adults believe the moon affects their mental wellbeing in some way. Critically, an even higher percentage of mental health professionals say the same thing; about 80 percent of mental caregivers believe the moon impacts human behavior.


If you’re skeptical of spiritual claims but are more attuned to science, consider this: A full moon is broadly considered to create an influx of positive ions. This can actually heighten stress and slow the body’s blood flow. The practice of full moon meditation can be a proactive way to prevent these ill effects, and to manage fluctuations in lunar energy more constructively.

No matter how you care to explain it, there is ample evidence to suggest that practicing full moon meditations can heighten your mental activity, amplify consciousness, and boost your ability to be mindful. All of these effects can be enhanced when you combine your meditation with CBD.


Using CBD for Full Moon Meditations


There are a couple of ways in which people use CBD to enhance the effects of their full moon meditation.

One is to simply place CBD products in the full moon’s light, allowing them to soak up some of the energy given off by the great lunar battery. After all, if the lunar cycle affects the way in which cannabis plants grow, it stands to reason that it might also have an impact on your cannabis-derived products. In short, you can use the moon to heighten the effects of your CBD for later use.

The other option, of course, is to take a CBD soft gel or a few drops of your favorite CBD oil before you participate in your guided meditation. Many practitioners say that this helps them be even more alert and open-minded during their lunar practice, really getting the peak level of rejuvenation from their meditation.

If you’ve never tried a full moon meditation with the assistance of CBD, it’s well worth doing. And as you seek the best CBD products to enhance your meditative practice, we invite you to consider the options available from Asé Pure Naturals.


Explore CBD Options from Asé Pure Naturals


At Asé Pure Naturals, we are big believers in CBD’s utility within spiritual or astrological practice. And, we are pleased to provide a shop full of natural, holistic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO CBD products, all made right here in the USA. Take a minute to explore our inventory of high-quality CBD options that we offer and reach out to Asé Pure Naturals with any questions.

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