5 Natural ways to Boost Immunity


It’s that time of year again. The dreaded flu season. The flu is comprised of viruses that may cause, body aches, fever and upper respiratory symptoms. It is more frequent in the winter months when we tend to get less exposure to the sun, spend more time indoors and are experiencing less natural vitamin D from exposure to the sunlight.  


For a natural way to boost immunity health, start with some basics. 

  • Exposure to natural Sunshine: Schedule time outdoors in the natural sunlight, ideally in the early morning. Sunlight in the early hours have proven to support healthy sleep cycles by naturally resetting our circadian rhythm and melatonin production.


  • Exercise: Being physically active promotes movement in the immune system via increased activity in white blood cells (immune cells), the activity in white blood cells allows the cells to be more active in locations where bacteria and viruses can be found. The increased activity in white blood cells last for hours after exercise, allowing more time for immune cells to travel and spot unwanted invaders. This provides a natural boost in the immune system. It’s better to have a more consistent workout routine to reap the best benefits as opposed to occasional exercise.


  • Sleep: Sleep deprivation can increase health risks. Studies are showing that sleep has a powerful effect on immune health. Researchers have found that during sleep components of the immune system rev up. Lack of sleep can also impact the time it takes to recover if you do get sick. You may try natural sleep remedies, like having a bedtime routine. Taking a warm bath or shower with some Epsom salt which is naturally relaxing due to the magnesium. Eliminate blue light exposure one hour before bed. Eliminate caffeine several hours before bed. Read a book while in bed. Meditate/pray with some relaxing music that calms the Central nervous system. Take a natural supplement like CBD.


  • Relieve Stress: Many factors contribute to stress. Whatever the cause it is detrimental to the immune system. Stress increases cortisol and cortisol can suppress your immune system. Stress may also suppress immune fighting cells like lymphocytes which are needed to fight of viruses. Some ways to practice relieving stress. Guided meditation, deep breathing exercises, physical exercise, good nutrition, manage social media time, yoga, quality time with people who lift you up, laughter, and CBD


  • Immunity support Supplements: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry Syrup (Great anti-Viral), CBD

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