Chief Marketing Officer Mitchell Cotthoff

Meet Mitchell Cotthoff

Meet Mitchell Cotthoff, our Chief Marketing Officer, a true Renaissance leader with a wealth of experience in both digital marketing and medical sales. With over two decades in the field, Mitchell’s journey has uniquely positioned him to excel in the fast-paced world of digital marketing for the past 12 years. But Mitchell’s story doesn’t stop there. He’s not just a marketing pro; he’s also a passionate endurance athlete, having conquered 8 Ironman races, showcasing his unyielding determination. 

What’s more, he’s currently training for his first ultra trail run, pushing his limits further. Beyond his career and sports achievements, Mitchell is a dedicated family man who treasures quality time spent with loved ones. As a horse owner, he enjoys the freedom of riding in his spare moments, finding solace and inspiration in these outdoor adventures. Mitchell’s commitment to his community is unwavering. He actively participates in volunteering efforts, providing his expertise as a digital marketer to companies in need. 

His dedication to volunteer work and giving of his time make him a cherished member of his community. Mitchell’s background in medical sales adds an invaluable dimension to our team. His focus on health and wellness promises to enhance our capabilities even further. 

With Mitchell Cotthoff as our Chief Marketing Officer, we have a visionary leader who excels in digital marketing, an avid athlete, a family man, a horse enthusiast, and a passionate contributor to volunteer work. We’re excited to witness the continued impact he’ll make as we journey forward together.

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