How to Build a Relaxing Evening Routine with CBD


Achieving a good night’s rest is so important to realizing true health and wellness. However, in today’s world, people are more stressed and anxious than ever before, and unfortunately, this can contribute to insomnia and/or poor sleep quality, which can impact every aspect of your life—and not for the better.  

So, how can we counteract the activities and demands of our lives when we are awake in order to get a better night’s sleep?  The answer is quite simple.  One must have a relaxing and consistent evening routine that allows them to power down, step away from the stressors of the day (including screens!), and slowly unwind so you can welcome sleep and realize a great night’s rest. 

In this blog post, the team at Asé Pure Naturals will outline how to build a relaxing evening routine with CBD.


Your New Evening Routine

  1. Set a consistent bedtime. Remember when you were a kid? It is likely that your parents assigned your bedtime and made you stick to it (this was for their benefit as much as yours). So, in order to begin building an evening routine that facilitates good sleep, set a bedtime and follow it, even on the weekends. It’s proven that getting a full eight hours of sleep is incredibly beneficial to overall health and wellness, so having a regular sleep-wake schedule can enable your body’s natural circadian rhythms and better regulate your response to light and dark. Furthermore, waking up at the same time each morning can also lead to homeostasis being achieved through rest—meaning your body is perfectly balanced. 
  2. Take a warm bath and use Epsom salt, oils, or bath bubbles that contain lavender. Lavender, ultimately, shows a natural sedative and narcotic effect by increasing the y-aminobutyric acid effect on the amygdala in the brain.  
  3. Turn off the electronics. Yes, we mean it, put the phone down. Power down the tablet. Turn off the television. We understand that it feels normal to mindlessly scroll through social media prior to bedtime or follow the news of the day, but the blue light emitted from all of your devices suppresses your body’s ability to produce melatonin naturally, which ends up making it harder for you to fall asleep—and stay asleep. We recommend turning off all of your devices at least 30 minutes prior to your set bedtime. Try meditating, journaling, or even reading an actual book. Keep in mind that if you are used to reading on a tablet, and this is your preferred way of reading, it is time to buy a pair of blue light blocking glasses. 
  4. Have an evening drink—and we don’t mean anything alcoholic or with caffeine. Instead, try chamomile tea or a mint tea, which can also aid in regulating your digestive system while you sleep. Additionally, make sure you lay off the caffeine for at least six hours prior to when you plan on going to bed. 
  5. Finally, use CBD—and try one specifically designed to help you sleep or pair your CBD use with a tablet of melatonin. CBD is proven to have a calming effect in users and a high oral dose of CBD, potentially 150 to 900 milligrams daily, could help you not only fall asleep easier but also stay asleep. Ultimately, CBD will work alongside your endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the production of melatonin as well as regulation of your sleep-wake cycle.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about CBD making you feel high or experience grogginess in the morning. CBD does not contain THC and is all natural, unlike pharmaceutical or over-the-counter sleeping pills. 


Use Asé Pure Naturals CBD and Realize Improved Sleep

Life is way too short to experience poor sleep that leads to negative health consequences and problems. Therefore, follow these tips and begin regulating your sleep cycles and feeling more alert and energetic during the day! Of course, CBD also has the potential to not only help you rest better, but also experience less anxiety and stress during the day. Plus, it can help potentially minimize pain, inflammation, and other problems that can impact your ability to enjoy life! We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about all of the benefits of Asé Pure Naturals products—or if you are ready to try our CBD for yourself, click here to start shopping.

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