CBD and MCT – The Perfect Relationship?

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If you have been taking CBD with MCT, did you know that MCT has been doing a lot more than you realize?

You’ve probably been buying CBD oils that utilize a carrier oil such as MCT oil without even really paying a lot of attention to it. The truth is that cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t absorb into the body very well, particularly when you take it as an oil.
A large percentage of the CBD is lost as it passes through the digestive system, with the body breaking it down into much smaller pieces before it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. By utilizing carrier oils such as MCT oil, the absorption rate of CBD is improved, meaning more CBD makes it to where it’s supposed to be faster.

What Is MCT Oil?
We know what you’re thinking; what is MCT oil? MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. It’s a bit of a tongue twister and sounds a lot more ominous than it really is. MCT oil is a natural product used in various health and wellness supplements and is usually derived from either palm oil or coconut oil.
Whenever you take most CBD oils, you’ll notice that listed on their ingredients is a carrier oil such as MCT oil. MCT oils are one of the most commonly used carrier oils and also one of the best, and here’s why!

Why MCT Oil and CBD are the Perfect Matches!
Just like many relationships in nature, MCT oil and CBD oil work hand-in-hand together, making things MCTs do a fantastic job of protecting and safeguarding CBD as it passes through the digestive system. As we mentioned above, the digestive system actually destroys CBD as it makes its journey towards your bloodstream.
CBD is a fat-soluble compound, which means that it’s going to be absorbed by your body faster and more effectively when it’s accompanied by a saturated fat like MCT oil. MCT oil acts like a vehicle for your CBD, helping as much CBD as possible make it to its final destination.
Another term you may have heard about but not understood is bioavailability. Bioavailability is a measure of how quickly and effectively any compound makes its way into the bloodstream. Obviously, the higher the bioavailability, the more bang for your buck you’re going to get. In the case of CBD, you want the bioavailability to be as high as possible, so more of the precious cannabidiol makes its way into your bloodstream and does the job that you’re taking it for.

CBD and MCT – Conclusion
We still have a lot to learn about cannabinoids and how they react with other compounds such as MCT oil. Even after decades of studying them, scientists continue to unlock new secrets every day. As the popularity of cannabinoids such as CBD increases worldwide, we’ll see scientific research increase at a rapid pace.
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