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What is CBD? Where does it come from? How is it used?
These are just a few of the questions we address in our blogs.

Natural Ways to Soothe Neck Pain

As the classic REM song states, “Everybody hurts some time.” Aches and pains are part of the human experience however, when they become pervasive it can wreak havoc on our daily lives. Cervical spine (neck) pain is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in adults. As we age, our cartilage begins to degenerate. While …

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Can CBD Help With Anxiety?

Asé Pure Naturals with a tough conversation about your anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety or stress-related emotional discomfort you know that each day can be a struggle. Feeling calm seems impossible. Sleep seems impossible. Sitting still – another struggle. Who could blame you for looking for some type of way to feel better?    …

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Can CBD help with Headache Pain

CBD has been put forward as a safe, holistic remedy for all kinds of pain and physical discomfort. This includes relief for headaches, including persistent migraines. If you’re a regular headache sufferer, you know how debilitating it can be. As such, you may have some questions about using CBD to improve your quality of life. …

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Is CBD an Aphrodisiac?

There is no denying that our culture—and our society as a whole—is somewhat Puritanical in nature. Many of us were taught as children—whether in our home life, in our church, or in a combination of factors—that pleasure is gluttonous.  However, as times have progressed, it’s true that viewpoints and thinking have morphed and people have …

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CBD & Pets: How CBD Can Help Dogs and Cats

CBD advocates boast of innumerable health benefits for human beings… but what about our pets? Many dog and cat owners have wondered about administering CBD as a safe, natural remedy for their four-legged friends, potentially using the substance to alleviate chronic pain or address serious anxiety. (Anyone with a dog who goes bonkers at the …

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